Objectors 'failed to make a case' for Spearmint Rhino closure

Spearmint Rhino
Spearmint Rhino

Sheffield City Council has said that objectors to Spearmint Rhino failed to make a case against the club at this week’s licensing meeting.

More than 160 letters of objection to the Brown Street venue had been received by the authority, stating that it was located too near to Sheffield Hallam University, and placed at the heart of the city’s cultural quarter.

Campaign groups also said that the club’s existence breached the council’s commitment to workplace equality, that it contributed to crime and anti-social behaviour and that women felt unsafe in intimidated when walking near the venue.

Sheffield Hallam University has also objected to the application, which must be renewed yearly, stating that: ““A striptease club in the heart of the Cultural Industries Quarter is inappropriate. It gives a negative impression of Sheffield and undermines the considerable improvements that are planned for this part of the city.”

The hearing also heard that, with Hallam’s ambitious expansion plans over the next five years, it would be the only British university to have a lapdance club at the centre of its campus.

Councillor David Barker, chair of the licensing sub committee, said: "The renewal of Sexual Entertainment Licence for Spearmint Rhino has been granted in the terms requested. The committee listened very carefully to the objectors who made a great case against sexual entertainment in general but did not make the specific case against Spearmint Rhino. The sub-committee therefore had to abide by the law and grant the renewal details of which are being published in the determination notice.”