Objection to one-way street plan in Warsop

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RESIDENTS and businesses have signed a petition to delay making a Warsop street one-way after claiming they weren’t properly consulted.

Nottinghamshire County Council are due to start work on the junction of Clumber Street and Sherwood Street on Monday.

Clumber Street will become one-way between Welbeck Street and Clumber Street.

The £50,000 work will widen the pavement at the junction which had been a safety concern.

Co Coun John Allin, who supports the plan, said a number of accidents had occurred at the junction due to cars mounting the narrow pavement.

Anumber of changes to parking restrictions in the area are also being made with additional yellow lines in some parts and a reduction in others

William Carter, of Clumber Street, said residents and businesses objected to the scheme last year and thought the plan had been scrapped.

However, a notice was received at the beginning of February to say work was starting on the 25th.

Mr Carter said: “The county council is treating this scheme as a fait accompli, despite resident’s previous objections, which have been ignored.”

A petition asking for the scheme to be suspended until further consultation has taken place has been well supported.

Stuart Moody, chairman of Warsop Parish Council is in favour of the work.

He said: “The parish council has supported the work. It does make sense. It has never been a good junction for two-way traffic.”

At a county council highways and transport committee meeting in October all of the objections were discussed.

“We carried out a consultation last summer and received five objections which were considered by the transport and highways committee at its meeting in October,” said Neil Hodgson, the County Council’s group manager, highway programmes.

“The committee took the decision to go ahead with the scheme, which also has the support of the parish council, and those people who objected have been written to and informed that work is about to commence.”