Obesity awareness event planned for Mansfield

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Titchfield and Oakham Children’s Centre are planning an event to help combat growing obesity levels in Mansfield.

Named ‘Fit 4 Family Fun’, several groups have confirmed they will be taking part in the event, including Tumble Tots, Hetty’s, the Breast Feeding Support Group and Water Meadows, among others.

Jo Ashley, children’s worker at the centre, said: “Studies show that in Mansfield we have a high level of childhood obesity - one in 10 five-year-olds, one in five 10-year-olds are classed as obese and one in three adults are seriously overweight.

“One in six adults binge drink, one in four adults smoke and we have 1,500 drug users.”

To be held on Wednesday, 28th May, from 12.30pm to 3.30pm, anyone interested in attending or wanting more details can email Joanne.ashley@nottscc.gov.uk