Notts tweeters more positive about climate than Derbyshire neighbours

It's a well-known fact that us Brits love talking about the weather - but it seems that Nottinghamshire residents are slightly more positive about our climate than our Derbyshire neighbours.

British Gas has compiled a new interactive map called Sunny With a Side of Twitter, which uses geo-located Twitter data over 12 months in order to look at every UK county and see if where we live impacts our outlook on the weather as well as if we’re more inclined to look on the bright side come rain or shine or if we are just simply ‘weather-whingers’.

To create the map, British Gas took a quarter of a million tweets from people in the UK relating to weather. They pinpointed the precise location attached to the tweet and used a tool to determine whether the sentiment behind each tweet was negative or a positive.

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And the results showed that 41 per cent of weather-related tweets by people in Nottinghamshire are negative, six per cent over the national average. This is a slight improvement on those over the border in Derbyshire however, where 43 per cent of tweets are negative.

Twenty per cent of tweets are complaining about the rain, but it seems we’re not happy about the sun either with 31 per cent of weather-focused tweets about it.

We’re not too bothered about snow though - only 11 per cent of tweets were about the white stuff.

See the map in more detail by clicking here.