Notts pensoner shamed by ‘hostile’ construction workers

A pensioner has told of his embarrassment after he was laughed off a building site by ‘hostile’ construction workers.

Retiree Keith Ferry, 67, said he was forced to call police after he walked onto a building site to ask if he could have some scraps of wood, only to have a digger driver poor mud on his bicycle.

Mr Ferry said he had never been treated with such ‘hostility’ as when he arrived on the Whinney Park development in New Ollerton, but has decided not to press charges.

He said: “I went onto this building site to ask for some off-cuts of throwaway wood, and I was treated with so much hostility it ruined my day.

“I spoke to the general foreman and as I came back down the path I noticed a pile of stones and mud on my old Sunbeam bicycle and a group of people laughing their heads off at me.”

“I feel assaulted, they attempted to damage my property for no reason whatsoever.

“They were a gang of hostile people and I was just a rough-looking old retiree with a rusty old bike, and they were laughing at me.”

The pensioner, who recently moved into a property in nearby Petersmith Street, complained to the company and received a response from a regional director stating: “I have spoken to the various people you have spoken of in your letter and their version of events differs to yours.

“We are sorry that you did not have a good experience when you visited us.

“Please can I ask you not to go into the work area again. Cheerio.”

Mr Ferry added: “I spent my whole career on building sites and I never treated anyone this way, we used to give away off-cuts all the time.

I nearly bought one of those Gleeson Houses but it just stretched my budget. I’m glad that I didn’t.”

Nottinghamshire Police confirmed they received a report of damage to a bicycle but as there was no significant damage and Mr Ferry did not want to pursue charges they are taking no further action.

Deverlopers, NJ Gleeson Homes, based in Sheffield were not available for comment.