Notts legend Robin Hood made out of pies for British Pie Week

Legendary Robin Hood has been created out of 1,811 individually handmade cooked and uncooked pies as part of British Pie Week.

The pies were made using a combination of shortcrust, puff and filo pastry and took three "painstaking" days to place each one into the perfect position.

Robin Hood made from pies.

Robin Hood made from pies.

Cocoa powder, currants, sesame seeds, caster sugar and brown sugar were used for the outlining and some of the detailing.

Holly Bouldin from Jus-Rol who made the image said: “Founded back in 2007 by Jus-Rol, British Pie Week aims to inspire the nation to celebrate one of the greatest British classic foods and we wanted to pay tribute to that love by creating an impressive image which is synonymous to Nottinghamshire.”

Pie Week starts on March 4.