Notts hotel's April Fools stunt tops national list

Huffington Post
Huffington Post

Thoresby Hotel's 'fountain of youth' PR stunt has topped a list of the worst on the web.

The press release by the group Warner Leisure was sent to the Huffington Post telling of startling revelations about it's pool at the hotel in Ollerton, and now resides at the top of their list of sorriest April Fools PR pitches of the day.

The release said: "An incredible discovery has been made by the Warner Leisure Hotels group, resulting in hundreds of people flocking to a swimming pool due to the fascinating anti-ageing properties it holds. The game-changing news comes after a member of staff at their Nottinghamshire based hotel, Thoresby Hall, noticed customers were exiting the pool with smoother skin, less wrinkles and an air of youthfulness to them."

Also in the list of tragic PR ploys is a new product by Durex called Sex Water, Dairy farmers selling unicorn milk and Professor Green endorsing PG Tips.

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