Notts County Council removes support for 18 Mansfield and Ashfield bus services

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Bus services could be cut in the Mansfield and Ashfield areas as Notts County Council removes £855,000 support for services.

lans to withdraw funding contracts for 18 services were approved at a meeting of the county’s transport and highways committee last Wednesday.

As part of £83 million in budget cuts approved in February, the authority is to reduce spending on supporting local bus services by 30 per cent from £6 million to £4.2 million per year.

Nottinghamshire County Council group manager, transport and travel services Mark Hudson, said:

“Some of the services which are being terminated are provided for in the new network of redesigned and re-tendered services.

“We will now be preparing publicity to advise bus users of the changes and how they can travel from August onwards. We hope to distribute the publicity early in July.”

“We are also working with the bus operators to establish if they may continue to operate any of the services on a commercial basis.”

A spokesman for Stagecoach said: “The bus services involved carry very small numbers of people, which means that they cost more to operate than they take in fares revenue.

This is why they are financially supported in their present format under contractual arrangements with Nottinghamshire County Council.

However, for those individuals using these bus services, especially the early morning trips that are providing access to work, they are vital transport links.

“With this in mind we are working closely with Council Transport Officers to try and minimise the effects of the spending reductions.

“Given the amount of funding being withdrawn I am afraid it is inevitable that a number of the bus services involved will no longer run from the beginning of August 2014 although we have yet to reach a final conclusion in our discussions with the Council.

“Like any commercial business we cannot sell our services for less than it costs to deliver them.”

Among the services losing support from Notts County Council are the following Stagecoach East Midlands services, along with the cost savings.

Sunday and B/H: Mansfield, Newark29,29A, Mansfield-Bilsthorpe, cost: £30,021;

Monday to Friday Ashfield, Mansfield 1 0448 Sutton-Mans Woodhouse, 0509 return, cost £3,144.

Monday to Friday Ashfield, Mansfield 1 0445 Sutton-Huthwaite, 0510 Huthwaite -Woodhouse, cost:£2,201.

Monday to Friday Mansfield 5 0600,0630, Mansfield-Bull Farm, cost: £3,463.

Monday to Friday Mansfield 7 0547,0607,0627 Mansfield-Ladybrook, cost:£3,463.

Monday to Friday Mansfield, Newark 16 0510 Mansfield-Clipstone 0530 return, cost: £2,828.

Monday to Friday M,N, 16 0600 Mansfield-Clipstone 0620 return, cost: £2,828.

Monday to Saturday Mansfield, Newark 16 0633 Mansfield-Clipstone 0655 return, cost: £2,653.

Monday to Friday M 1 0545,0605 Mansfield -Woodhouse cost: £3,777.

Monday to Saturday Mansfield, Newark 27, 2250 Mansfield - Bilsthorpe. Cost: £6,447.

Sunday and B/H M 11, All journeys except 1045,1245 MV return. Cost: £13,561

Sunday and B/H Mansfield 7, 16 0904 ex Ladybrook, 1057 return £2,610.

Sunday and B/H Sunday and B/H Ashfield, Mansfield Ashfield, Mansfield 140, Mansfield - Sutton, support for whole service Mansfield - Sutton, support for whole service. Cost: £18,310.

Sunday and B/H Mansfield, Newark 10A, Mansfield-Sherwood Visitor Centre, whole service. Cost £22,418.

Sunday and B/H Mansfield 7 2217 Mansfield-Oak Tree. Cost: £745.

Sunday and B/H Mansfield, Newark 13, 15 2020 onwards Mansfield-Walesby, cost:£6,555.

Sunday and B/H Mansfield, Newark 28A, 0955,1155,2055 Mansfield-Blidworth return, cost:£6,277.

Monday to Saturday Ashfield, Mansfield 140 Evening service, 3 return trips, cost: £27,251.