Notts Council cuts among the worst in the country

Nottingham County Hall
Nottingham County Hall
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Nottinghamshire residents will be among the worst hit in the country by Government funding cuts to local services once again, it has been was confirmed.

Only five county councils in the whole country will see a bigger reduction in ‘spending power’ than Nottinghamshire County Council, in the latest round of cuts to council services, despite Nottinghamshire having some of the areas of highest deprivation in the country.

Derbyshire is one of the those five that will see a larger cut on spending power, with a deficit of 2.6 per cent.

After announcing the new 2 per cent cut in spending power for Nottinghamshire County Council from 2014/15, local government secretary Eric Pickles said the Government has tried to be fair to every part of the country.”

Coun Alan Rhodes, leader of Nottinghamshire County Council, said: “The headline figure provided by the Government is for a further 2 per cent reduction in spending power for Nottinghamshire County Council in 2015/16, which is very disappointing, especially when compared to some county councils in the south of England, which have actually had an increase in their spending power.

“Everyone living in Nottinghamshire should feel very angry that they are being targeted for the most severe cuts in their services, just because of where they live.”