Nottinghamshire road police launch crime-cracking operation

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Criminals watch out! The road cops are about in Bassetlaw, Newark and Sherwood this summer.

In the first couple of weeks of a two-month-long operation to reduce road-related crime, and subsequent deaths, 209 vehicles have been stopped at check points set up across the district.

Operation Doncella has been launched as a direct result of an increase in the number of incidents relating to the fatal four offences on our roads.

Between 1 January and 30 April 2012 there were six people killed and 28 people seriously injured in road collisions in the district. During the same period in 2011, four people died and 41 were seriously injured.

District Chief Inspector Sean Anderson said: “While the rate of people killed or seriously injured in collisions in the north of the county has steadily reduced since the mid-1980s, the last couple of years have seen it start to increase again.

“Drink driving, speeding, mobile phone use and seatbelt negligence are the top four causes of death on our roads and we are taking positive action to try to reverse a rising trend of collisions involving these offences.”

Along with checkpoints, County East officers are conducting targeted patrols in hotspot areas in a bid to deter, disrupt and detect criminal activity. They are also aiming to collaborate with local schools in a bid to educate the county’s future motorists on how to stay safe behind the wheel.

So far under Op Doncella, 47 fines have been issued to people not wearing their seatbelts. Nine motorists also face fines and points on their licence for speeding and four for using their mobile phone while driving.

Sixty-one motorists were asked to give roadside breath tests. Of those, three drivers were arrested on suspicion of drink driving.

Three vehicles have been seized for being unfit for the road or their drivers lacking a licence or the appropriate insurance.