Nottinghamshire residents warned of council tax scams

Residents are being warned of two council tax scams
Residents are being warned of two council tax scams

Nottinghamshire residents are being warned of two council tax scams that have been reported in the county.

Trading Standards Officers have been informed by some residents that they have received unsolicited phone calls telling them they are in the wrong council tax band.

Residents can check their council tax band free of charge by contacting the Valuation Office Agency, or their local council.

Another known scam relating to Council Tax involves the caller suggesting you may be entitled to a rebate. If you believe you may be due a Council Tax rebate, contact your district council in the first instance.

Trading Standards said they would always suggest hanging up on any unexpected telephone calls. If the call is genuine, the organisation will have another way of contacting you.

If you are receiving unwanted telephone calls, you should speak with your landline provider as some providers have free services that you can register for. There are also a number of phones with inbuilt call blocking services that are available to purchase from retailers. These will require you to have Caller Display / Caller ID activated on your line and although some providers offer this service free of charge, other providers do make a charge.