Nottinghamshire residents urged to make food go further

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE County Council is urging shoppers to make their food go further – by following delicious online recipes using leftovers.

The move comes in the wake of a national report which says that as much as half of the food that Britons buy from supermarkets goes to waste – despite much of it still being edible.

The report, by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, says that across the country some seven million tons of food is thrown away annually – costing the average family £480 a year.

And according to the IME, much of the food is still within its sell-by date and is perfectly fit to be eaten.

For some years now the County Council has been encouraging people to cut back on food waste through its Love Food Hate Waste campaign.

And it is encouraging people to visit the Love Food Hate Waste pages on its website for some tasty recipe ideas which use up left-over food.

Suggestions include sausage risotto, Spanish potato tortilla and lamb salad on potato cakes.

“I’d encourage anyone worried about what to do with leftover food to take a look at our recipe suggestions,” said Coun Richard Butler, chairman of the County Council’s environment and sustainability committee.

“Wasting food costs the average family £480 a year and this increases to £680 a year for families with children – or around £50 a month,”

“Not only that, but wasting food has a huge environmental impact – if we reduced the amount of food thrown away, it would save the equivalent of at least 20 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. That’s like taking one in every four cars off our roads.”

Love Food Hate Waste was launched in 2007 to help raise awareness of the issue and also to offer easy, everyday actions that we can all do to reduce the amount of food we throw away. Since 2006/07 household food waste has dropped from 8.3 million tonnes to 7.2 million tonnes a year – almost all of which could have been eaten.