Nottinghamshire Police dispatcher celebrates 25 years in role

Chris York.
Chris York.

A Nottinghamshire Police employee is celebrating 25 years in his role.

Chris York, 56, joined the force as a 31-year-old in November 1993 having been made redundant by British Coal. He saw the role advertised in a local newspaper and a couple of friends who already worked in the organisation encouraged him to apply.

As a dispatcher, Chris sends officers to all incidents, updates incidents and deals with requests from officers and staffs.

He said: "My highlights have been engaging with all of the colleagues I've had over the past two-and-a-half decades and dealing with such a variety of different jobs every day. On the flip side of that, it's frustrating when people call us and then refuse to engage. Overall, I've thoroughly enjoyed my 25 years in service and I hope to continue for at least another four years in the role."

His Inspector, Dean Gallacher, said: "Chris is a genuine character who has a unique style of communication that in turn develops a unique connection with all he comes into contact with both within the organisation and those he has spoken to over the phone over the 25 years he has served to date.

"He is a very kind hearted man and wants to do his best by everyone he has contact with. I know Chris sometimes literally can’t do enough for his callers and this, still to this day, frustrates him the same as it did in 1993 when you speak to him.

"Chris is well respected by all who work with him and often receives positive feedback from members of public who have had the pleasure of Chris answering their call into Nottinghamshire police control room."