Nottinghamshire Police ‘disappointed’at Ollerton Tesco’s lack of help on yobs

NMAC11-1386-1''Ollerton Tesco
NMAC11-1386-1''Ollerton Tesco

A MULTI-AGENCY community forum set up to tackle anti-social behaviour around the Tesco car park in Ollerton has hit out at the superstore’s response to its action call.

The ongoing problem of vehicle and noise nuisance at the Tesco store in was first raised by residents at the Ollerton and Boughton Safer Neighbourhood Group (SNG) in 2009.

The forum set up a working party - including Newark and Sherwood District Council, the local police, the chairman of the SNG and a representative of local residents - to tackle the issue with the store ‘to try to achieve a long term solution’.

But two years later, this week Pc Colin Oakley, beat manager for Ollerton, said: “We have received a large number of complaints about issues at Tesco, and we want to reduce the time we spend dealing with these, by bringing everyone together to find a resolution.

“We are disappointed that a number of recommendations made by the group have not been implemented by Tesco, as they would play a significant part in helping deter those causing the problems.

“We believe there are several things that can be done. We will continue to raise the importance of these measures, and hope the management team at Tesco will work with us to help address these concerns, to improve life for everyone who lives in the area.”

Youngsters use the car park as a meeting point. After many complaints of noise, including loud car stereos and people shouting and swearing, the district council conducted noise monitoring last year which, according to the working party, ‘provided evidence that there was a statutory noise nuisance’.

Police conducted patrols at Tesco and enforcement action was taken against drivers responsible for poor / careless driving, while advisory letters were distributed to young drivers who frequented the car park. Litter and the abandoned shopping trolleys were also found to be causing concern.

Tesco was asked to install barriers on both entrances, as well as bollards in Rufford Avenue to prevent vehicles driving over the pavement to by-pass the barrier.

But although a barrier has been installed in Rufford Avenue entrance, there is not one in place at the main entrance.

And the working party added: “Bollards that have been erected do not go across the whole width of the pavement to the edge of the store as requested.

The community group says it is also disappointed that Tesco has not implemented other suggestions, including:

Additional CCTV cameras and lighting

Introducing speed humps

Bringing in £1 coin slots for trolleys and magnetic strips to prevent them easily being removed from the car park

A bench and bin placed at the rear of the store to encourage young people not to congregate outside the store entrance.

Yesterday, Tesco had not responded to requests for a comment.