Nottinghamshire Police Band’s Monaco tour

The Nottinghamshire Police Band has received praise from the President of the International Police Association (IPA).

Twenty one members of the 52-strong band performed at the recent IPA Annual Gala in Monaco.

It was the first time the band had been invited to perform at the event in Monte Carlo.

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Director of music Gary Glover said: “It was a real honour to play in Monaco and represent Nottingham and the United Kingdom on a global stage.

“There were delegates from all over the world in attendance and the band played superbly.

“At the end of our performance the President of the IPA came over to the band with a huge smile on his face, applauding and said: ‘You guys are magnificent!’”

The IPA is an independent body made up of retired and serving members of the police service with the purpose of friendship and international cooperation.

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The trip to Monaco was funded by the band members. A van, borrowed from Harrison Ford Executive Travel of Mansfield, was used to convey the instruments.

Nottinghamshire Police Band can trace its origins to the Nottingham Police Borough Band, formed in about 1887. For more information visit