Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping appeals for partygoers to enjoy fun but measured Christmas celebrations

Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping has appealed for partygoers to enjoy fun but measured Christmas celebrations as the county gears up for the season’s festivities.

Paddy Tipping
Paddy Tipping

He is asking revellers to remain in control as Christmas and New Year approaches and to avoid taking unnecessary risks that could leave them exposed to criminality.

“I was a student once and I know how great it is to let go of academic stresses and let your hair down,” said Mr Tipping.

“But nobody wants to wake up on Christmas Day not remembering what happened the night before or worse - waking up in a police cell or hospital bed because of one too many. Let’s also not forget that irresponsible drinking can increase our risk of becoming a victim of crime - not a pleasant way to enjoy the Christmas break from studies.”

There are more than 60,000 students living in Nottinghamshire who together provide a significant source of income to the local night-time economy. Mr Tipping is determined to protect them and everybody else who frequents the county’s vibrant nightlife by tightening procedures and making revellers’ feel safer.

He has worked closely with the Student Union of the University of Nottingham around responsible drinking and is in the process of launching a new scheme in conjunction with DrinkAware which will see ‘hosts’ placed inside licensed premises to talk to people and ensure they are not making irresponsible decisions.

In partnership with Nottingham City Council, Mr Tipping is also helping to reform licensing agreements to ensure bouncers are adequately trained and is pursuing with partners an alcohol strategy which looks at improving a range of issues from pricing of alcohol through to enforcement.

He said: “There’s lots going on behind the scenes to make young people safer when they visit our night-time economy but I feel it’s very important to keep highlighting the role they can play in reducing alcohol-related crime. By being sensible and taking their own safety seriously, young people can eliminate much of the crime that police officers deal with on a Friday and Saturday night.

“The message is simple: have fun and surround yourselves with festive spirit but don’t over-consume alcohol. Keep in control.”