Nottinghamshire MP Gloria De Piero resigns from shadow cabinet

Gloria De Piero MP
Gloria De Piero MP

Nottinghamshire MP and shadow minister for young people and voter registration Gloria de Piero has resigned, it has been reported.

Ms De Piero, who has represented Ashfield and Eastwood since 2010, reportedly told Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn she did “not believe he could deliver victory” at the next general election before she resigned.

The former GMTV presenter is the second MP to resign from Jeremy Corbyn’s cabinet after Heidi Alexander, shadow secretary of state for health and Lewisham MP.

The BBC is saying that up to nine members of the shadow cabinet will resign after shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn was sacked.

It is claimed Mr Benn was dismissed after he encouraged other MPs to resign should Corbyn ignore a vote of no confidence against him.

Speaking after the UK voted to leave the EU on Thursday (June 23), De Piero said: “The voice of the country was heard loud and clear, with a decisive victory for the campaign to leave the EU.

It is also very clear that Ashfield has voted to leave. I respect that decision.

But I will also make it my top priority, in the uncertain times ahead, to get the very best deal for Ashfield in our negotiations to leave the EU. I will work harder than ever to make sure you aren’t hurt by any of the aftershock of this referendum.”