Nottinghamshire gritting crews keeping a close eye on weekend weather

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Gritting crews from the County Council will be keeping a close eye on the weather this weekend with the current cold snap set to continue into next week.

The 23 crews were out again on Thursday night completing their 16th run of the season so far and are set to complete another run of all main routes on Friday night, beginning at 7pm.

Clear weather overnight is expected to lead to road surface temperatures falling below freezing, with a strong risk of frosts and icy patches. Saturday is set to be sunny but cold.

The Council currently has 16,442 tonnes of salt stored in its four grit barns and is in a strong position to deal with the worst winter conditions.

Each time the gritting crews go out they salt, in total, 1,120 miles of A and B roads as well as major bus routes – one third of the county’s entire road network and equivalent to driving from John O’Groats to Land’s End.