Nottinghamshire gritters on alert for bad weather

Gritters are on alert for bad weather this weekend across Nottinghamshire
Gritters are on alert for bad weather this weekend across Nottinghamshire

The County Council’s gritting teams are on alert for the weekend ahead, with temperatures set to dip and snow flurries forecast on high ground for some parts of the UK.

If gritters do go out it will be only for the second time so far this season, but they have been on full-time standby since November 1 and will remain that way until the end of March next year – or later if necessary.

The Council currently has 19,281 tonnes of salt stored in its four grit barns and is in a strong position to deal with the worst winter conditions.

“Salt restocks have been completed to capacity; gritters have been serviced and overhauled and driver training has been completed,” said Garry Chadburn, the Council’s winter maintenance manager.

“The first round of checking and refilling of the 1,300 roadside grit bins for which the County Council is responsible has been completed and deliveries of salt to parish councils is underway.”

Councillor Kevin Greaves, chairman of the Council’s transport and highways committee, said: “Like most people we keep our fingers crossed and hope that the coming winter won’t be too severe, but we have to be realistic and plan for the worst.

“Our year-round preparations mean that we will be ready to act as soon as any bad weather arrives.

“The County Council gives high priority to winter maintenance and we are determined to keep our county on the move this winter.”

Each time the teams go out they salt approximately 1,120 miles of road across Nottinghamshire, concentrating on A and B roads and main bus routes – that’s just 70 miles further than the distance from Retford to Reykjavik in Iceland.