Nottinghamshire County Council saves around £282,000 thanks to improved insurance deal

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Nottinghamshire County Council has saved around £282,000 over the last year by getting a better deal on its property insurance covering a large number of its buildings including schools, libraries and young people’s centres.

Reduced premiums were secured by the Council carrying out extensive negotiations with insurers and providing them with more detailed information about its buildings and how they were constructed.

The Council has also negotiated with its insurers to remove some of the exclusions they imposed on CLASP construction schools which meant that the authority had previously had to buy top-up insurance cover for these buildings.

CLASP – which stands for Consortium of Local Authorities Special Programme – is a form of construction widely used in the 1960s in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

Coun Reg Adair, the county council’s cabinet member for finance and property, said: “We are leaving no stone unturned to reduce waste and get the best deal for Nottinghamshire residents.

“CLASP buildings make up a small proportion of many of our school sites so providing more detailed information on this has greatly reduced our insurance bill.

“Our tough negotiations have not only resulted in significant savings for the Council. Our insurance cover is now more comprehensive and top-up cover is no longer required for buildings that were previously exempt with the new deal.”