Nottinghamshire County Council’s gritters out in force

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE County Council’s gritting teams covered the county’s roads with 1,000 tonnes of salt over the weekend and worked night and day to make sure major routes stayed open.

With the county suffering its first major snowfall of the season, the gritters covered A and B roads and main bus routes, together making up around two-thirds of Nottinghamshire’s roads.

The gritting teams completed two runs during daylight hours on Saturday before the snow even started, spreading a layer of salt at a rate of 20gms per square metre each time.

They were out again at 6pm and carried out two more runs overnight and into Sunday morning.

Daytime teams then took over, hitting the roads again at 7am on Sunday morning. A further salting run took place overnight from Sunday into Monday.

For the first time this season the County Council’s gritting lorries were equipped with snow ploughs and extra staff were brought in to cope.

For the rest of the week, with no more snow forecast until the weekend, it will be business as usual with precautionary gritting being carried out each evening and the Council’s gritting teams closely monitoring the weather situation.

Temperatures are predicted to fall below freezing each night so motorists are advised to drive with caution.