Nottinghamshire County Council need your First World War artefacts for new exhibition

FOLK from around the region are being urged to offer up their memorobilia for a special anniversary to mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War.

People are being asked to bring along objects or ‘hidden treasures’ to an object appeal at Mansfield Library on Sunday 19th May from 11am – 3pm which have a connection to World War I.

First World War objects such as trench art, photographs, diaries, letters or memorabilia are being sought whether they relate to the Home Front or the theatres of War.

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This will help with the research for the exhibition and people may be asked to lend unique objects to the Trent to Trenches exhibition in 2014.

A panel of specialists will help to identify the objects and provide information which may be new to the owner.

Nottinghamshire County Council archives manager Mark Dorrington said: “We hope people will search through their attics and garages and turn up with artefacts that are unique to Nottinghamshire.

“Next year there will be a Great War blog which will document every day of 2014 and beyond so letters and diaries would be welcomed by the experts.”

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The Nottingham Castle exhibition team will document the objects and contact the owners in the future to arrange borrowing.

The exhibition will take place from Julyto November 2014 at Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery.