Nottinghamshire County Council consultation on tackling future flooding

FLOODING has had a significant impact on parts of Nottinghamshire in the past and now the County Council is asking local communities to help form a plan for dealing with it in the future.

The Council is developing a Local Flood Risk Management Strategy which will set out how organisations and communities should work together to manage the risk of flooding.

The Strategy is being developed in stages to allow for continued consultation, the first phase of which has already begun, in the form of an online survey which runs until March 31. It is hoped to have the Strategy complete by summer 2013.

The County Council is asking people what their concerns are and what they think the Council’s priorities should be with regard to flooding and flood defence. These responses will be considered in the development of the Strategy and further consultation on this will take place at a later date.

“The Local Flood Risk Management Strategy is an opportunity for people to understand local flood risk issues, share their experiences of flooding and learn how they can become more resilient to flooding,” said Coun Bruce Laughton, chairman of the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Strategic Flood Risk Management Board.

“They can also have their say about how the County Council and other organisations and communities should work together in the future to manage such risks.

“We want to hear from as many people as possible who are at risk from flooding or who have experienced it in the past so that we can formulate a strong and definitive approach to the problem in the future.”

An information pack is being sent out to communities, which includes information about increasing community resilience to flooding, a directory of flood resources and letters from the flood risk manager and Coun Laughton.

To download the pack click here