Nottinghamshire County Council ask farmers to help keep the roads moving

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE County Council is asking local farmers to help keep Ashfield’s and Mansfield’s roads clear during periods of heavy snowfall.

Council bosses say they are ‘well ahead’ with its plans for dealing with a repeat of last winter’s conditions but are determined to explore all options to help keep the county on the move.

“We are talking to local farmers and other owners of suitable equipment to see if they would be willing to clear snow from the highway during periods of severe weather,” said Coun Richard Jackson, cabinet member for transport and highways.

“They have the appropriate machinery and know-how to help move snow from badly-affected roads in rural areas.”

Participants in the scheme will be paid an hourly rate, but payment will only be made where an instruction to begin works has been issued by the County Council.

In most instances, participants will be asked to clear local routes that have been designated at the start of the season.

“We learned a lot from last winter’s prolonged bad weather,” added Coun Jackson.

“We began planning for this year almost immediately and are confident that we are in a stronger position than last year to deal with a prolonged cold spell.

“We are determined to keep our county on the move this winter.”