Nominate the local heroes who deserve recognition!

The winners of the 2013 Chad Pride Awards
The winners of the 2013 Chad Pride Awards
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TODAY we are launching the fifth Chad Pride of Mansfield and Ashfield Awards to celebrate the ‘real’ community heroes in the area.

The awards - once again sponsored by Specsavers of Mansfield - will spotlight the selfless and tireless work of so many people across the region.

They will also showcase excellence in sport and education, feature acts of bravery and people who go that extra mile to help others.

Chad readers can nominate someone for any type of work they carry out such as fundraising, helping the disabled and vulnerable or caring for an elderly neighbour.

There are 12 award categories in total, plus an overall winner and you can find full details below.

But we need YOU to suggest the unsung hero or heroines you think are so inspiring they deserve to be recognised with a Pride Award.

They can be of any age, from any walk of life but, the one thing they must be is extraordinary.

Perhaps you know a child or adult who has displayed remarkable courage, a gutsy neighbour who has improved your area, a tireless charity fund-raiser or campaigner, a dedicated careworker, or member of the emergency services or armed forces who have gone beyond the call of duty to help others?

A shortlist of finalists will go before our panel of distinguished judges who will select the winners.

Chad editor Phil Bramley said: “There are many reasons to be proud of our area, but the main one is the incredible people who live and work here to make it such a fantastic community.

“These awards are perhaps the most important that the Chad presents each year.

“They honour the brave and the determined, the ordinary people who do the special things that prove to be such an inspiration to us all.

“I am incredibly proud to be involved with these awards as they recognise our area’s TRUE heroes: the unsung people of courage and commitment who deserve recognition the most.”

So if you know someone who deserves some special recognition, please nominate them for a Chad Pride award.

It’s easy and free to nominate, simply CLICK HERE

Alternatively or call 07803 505658


Love where you live: Do you know a person or group who has significantly improved their community environment?

Is it safer, cleaner, greener, friendlier or more fun because of someone or something that a group of people have done? It could be a small project that has made a big difference or an on-going effort to enhance the area. Tell everyone about the improvement that has made your community a better place to be.

Young Fundraiser – Sponsored By Garibaldi College

A person under 16 years who has shown that their passion and dedication has made a difference to a charity or cause. The judges are looking for an individual who has demonstrated a commitment to fund-raising support within the local community.

Emergency Services – Sponsored By Ohuru

This award recognises a member or members of the police, fire, ambulance who havegone beyond the call of duty.

We are seeking individuals or crews who work within the emergency services.

Community Spirit – Sponsored By Brunts Academy

This award recognises individuals/groups working at the heart of communities to deliver improvements and change with lasting benefits. The judges are looking for individuals/groups which have tackled anti-social behaviour, invested in community facilities, created community groups, developed integrated communities and improve aesthetic appeal.

Outstanding Bravery – Sponsored By TA Merchant CAP

The search is under-way for inspiring stories about men, women who have saved the life of another in remarkable or difficult circumstances. We are seeking individuals who embody the spirit of all those unsung heroes. The category is open to all individuals of any age or ability.

Sporting Achievement: Sponsored by Draycotts

This award recognises individuals who have proved outstanding achievement in a specific sporting field. Not only does it recognise sporting skill but also recognises drive, ambition, and determination even through the face of adversity. The award will be made to an individual who demonstrates exceptional sporting talent and determination.

Music & Performing Arts : Do you know a someone who has excelled in the world of music or performing arts?

Are they the next star of the future and you want to shout about them. If so send in a nomination about them.

Outstanding Achievement: sponsored by Mark Leeson

Do you know a young person under 18 who has achieved something outstanding, excelled in something they didn’t think they could, or just done something unexpected then please nominate them for an award they deserve.

Community Group – Sponsored By St Andrews Healthcare: This award will go to a group of people (2 or more) that have made their community a better place to live. They may have introduced regular pro-active meetings, set up a local newsletter or been part of a neighbourhood watch. Entries should include all details, activities, and show any results of what their group has achieved.

Fundraiser of the Year – Sponsored by The Mint

This award recognises individuals/groups that by their hard work and dedication have made a difference to a charity or cause. The judges are looking for individuals/groups who have demonstrated continued commitment to a charity or individual through fundraising support, successfully managed or helped to co-ordinate fundraising activities, used initiative to maximise impact of fundraising campaign and given their own time and effort to help out a good cause..

Inspiring Personality of the Year –Sponsored By Mansfield Manor

This award recognises, encourages and rewards people who not only make a difference in the community, but inspire and instil confidence in others to take part in community life and contribute to a better future for everyone. The award will be made to an individual who demonstrates they have made a significant contribution within their community, business, educational establishment, voluntary organisation, and inspired others to do the same.

Neighbour of the Year

A neighbour who may have been a good friend and who has supported you and/or family, or who you think has made a significant contribution to your neighbourhood. This person may be someone who has cared for you, a friend or family member.

The award will be made to an individual who demonstrates they have made a significant contribution within their neighbourhood and who has supported and cared for a neighbour.

Overall Winner

Sponsored By Specsavers

This award is the ultimate accolade for all our entrants and the winner will be chosen from each of the category winners. The judges will be looking for the person/company who has shown the most passion and courage within the community.