Noise issue highlighted at Edwinstowe skate park

New skate park opens in edwinstowe. demonstration
New skate park opens in edwinstowe. demonstration

Noise pollution from a controversial village skate park may have to be tackled, a parish council has admitted.

Some living near to Edwinstowe’s Friars Park are so fed-up with the newly-opened park that they have had noise-monitoring equipment installed in their homes and gardens.

And after the levels were noted as ‘significant’ by the Environmental Health team at Newark and Sherwood District Council, they have now written to the parish council to ask them to address the problem.

The £106,000 park has caused controversy and led to a number of clashes between the parish council and residents.

It contributed to one recent parish council meeting being abandoned after just a few minutes and the police being called as residents argued with councillors.

Some have opposed the skating equipment being installed on Friars Park since the idea was conceived, and say since it opened there has been a flurry of anti-social behaviour, reporting incidents of underage drinking and drug taking among youngsters.

Resident Pauline Meechan said: “Three of the residents of the estate who contacted Environmental Health about the noise from the skate 
park agreed to monitor the noise.

“One has now had a phone call from Environmental Health and they have told him that the results of the monitoring assessments show that the noise level is significant.

“They (the parish council) say that they visit on a regular basis, sometimes three times a day and talk to all the people on and near the skate park every time they come down. However neither they nor the police are there 24/7.”

Chairman of Edwinstowe Parish Council, Celia Brooks, said they had received the letter from Environmental Health, and were planning to discuss the issue at a forthcoming council meeting.

She said: “We need to know what the Environmental Health recommend and how intrusive the noise is, but 
we have been asked to look into it.

“It will be put to the parish council because we will be looking at how to develop the park.

“We want it to be a family-friendly area with something for all members of the family to enjoy.

However, Coun Brooks added: “Moving the skate park is not an option.”