No more Lindhurst development appeals for Mansfield and Ashfield

Land wheer the Lindhurst development will be
Land wheer the Lindhurst development will be

Campaigners against a £500 million housing development in Mansfield and Ashfield have been refused permission to appeal.

The Supreme Court has decided not to allow an appeal against the 1,700 home Lindhurst Development off the A617 MARR route, after the Royal Courts of Justice already dismissed a judicial review in January.

This decision means the group who campaigned have no further right to appeal and Mansfield District Council’s decision to grant outline planning permission still stands.

The 90 residents who are against the development have already tried to appeal against the application three times - but they were dismissed because the judge felt there was no arguable case for judicial review.

A fourth application allowed the residents to appeal, but the three judges dismissed the challenge on all grounds - which led the group to appeal to the Supreme Court.

The group have been fighting against the proposals for the last few years and their main argument is that building on the land will put wildlife habitats at risk.

They also raised £20,000 in a pledge to help fight against the development.

But Lord Kerr, Lord Wilson and Lord Carnwath said permission to appeal this was refused because the application ‘did not raise an arguable point of law of general public importance which ought to be considered by the Supreme Court’.

They said it was not necessary to ask the Court of Justice to give any ruling on the point of European Union law raised because ‘the answer was so obvious as to leave no scope for any reasonable doubt’.

The Lindhurst Group has started work on the development of more than 400 acres of land off the A617 Mansfield and Ashfield Regeneration Route.

It is due to include the homes, as well as a new primary school, doctors’ surgery, community centre, park and space for business and retail use.

Mansfield Mayor Kate Allsop said: “We are extremely pleased with the final outcome which reinforces our long-held view that the original decision to grant outline planning permission was the correct one.

“This development can now progress as planned and bring the much-needed high quality family homes and employment opportunities that are vital for the regeneration and growth of the entire district.”