No help for vermin in the gardens

Residents are unhappy on Peal Crescent
Residents are unhappy on Peal Crescent

Vermin has infested council gardens in Mansfield - which two pensioners had to pay £80 to remove.

Two pensioners have come forward after ‘nothing has been done’ to fix a recent rat infestation at properties owned by Mansfield District Council.

Susan Webb, 70, Susan Jones, 68, who live on Peel Crescent, Mansfield, in council owned properties, noticed rats on their gardens during the day.

After living on the street for decades the pair notice the rats a few weeks ago and paid for Environmental Health to lay poison.

Susan Webb said: “We called the council but they said they had ‘no resources to deal with it.’ What do they do with all of that money if they cannot afford pest control. We pay council tax why cant we get any help.

“It is not nice having rats in the garden. When it’s cold they might try and get in to the house. I am scared to leave the window open.”

Mansfield District Council has since said that it does not have any record of the two ladies contacting them.

They have also said they will look to reimburse the cost of the treatment.

Susan continued: “We have paid £80 to sort out the rats.

“I have lived here for 21 years I have never seen rats on the garden. I use to have a bake shop and pest control straight away if we had a problem.”

Since the poison was put out one dead rat has been found.

Susan Jones, who lives next door but one to Susan Webb said: “It is not very pleasant to have , I am frightened to let the dog out incase he catches something from them. I am not very mobile if I run I’ll tumble.”

Sarah Troman, at the council said: “In this case, unfortunately we have no record of this enquiry on our systems but a housing officer will be in contact with the tenants and as the rats are reported as being inside homes, we will look to reimburse the cost of the treatment. We apologise for any inconvenience.”