No disregard for male abuse victims

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I feel it necessary to respond to the factually misleading complaint by Chad reader Ian Young about the gender-specific provision of domestic abuse training and services in Nottingham, as reported on recently by Chad (Readers’ Views, ‘What about the male victims of violence?’ 18th December).

Contrary to his assertions, the domestic abuse sector in Nottingham is not driven by a willful disregard for male victims of abuse.

Local men who experience domestic abuse can receive targeted assistance by contacting the free local Victim Support helpline (0300 303 1947), and services include a local Independent Domestic Violence Advocate for men.

Local domestic abuse charity Equation also provides dedicated expert training and guidance for professionals on supporting male survivors of this abuse, and distributes thousands of Domestic Abuse Information Cards specifically targeted at men to help them out of danger.

Nevertheless, our domestic abuse response must be led by hard evidence. Nottingham City’s own police reporting statistics record that, on average, 85% of domestic abuse is perpetrated by men against women and that female victims make up 97% of the highest risk cases. The primary focus on supporting and safeguarding female victims of abuse makes perfect sense in this context.

Perhaps Chad would consider inviting an expert from the domestic abuse sector to clarify how Nottinghamshire strives to tackle these hateful crimes at greater length?

Chloe Cheeseman