Nike shoebox full of dirty used drug needles found near Mansfield school

The needles found on Moor Street.
The needles found on Moor Street.

A box of used needles have been found on a street next to a Mansfield school - and residents say it is the tip of the iceberg.

An elderly gentleman who has lived on Moor Street, Mansfield, for 40-years where the red Nike shoe box filled with needles was found, has said the area has gone downhill and that he has seen drug deals in the alleyways connected to the street.

A fly tipped sofa on the street.

A fly tipped sofa on the street.

The young woman who discovered the needles in a back gennal lives on the street and has two children aged two and five.

She said: “Most of us on this street have very young kids, this isn’t the first time a load of smack needles have been dumped out in our gennal.”

The needles have since been cleaned up by Mansfield District Council.

Another resident said: “You can’t walk down the street without smelling several types of drugs. It’s a shame, it use to be such a nice street."

Tyres left on the street

Tyres left on the street

A concerned mum who your Chad stopped on the street said she has also found a bag of needles while playing with her children on nearby Moor Lane Park.

Residents who your Chad spoke to on the street, which partially backs onto Sutton Road Primary School, asked to remain anonymous to protect their identities.

They have also said the street has a problem with vandalism, with one elderly resident having his car window smashed 13 times over the last few years.

He said he is “fed up with calling the police”.

Another elderly man said he was “fed up with the street” and is planning on moving after water pipes and an outside light were pulled from his house.

Residents have also noted a problem with fly tipping on the street as sofas, tires and fridges have been dumped in the alleyways. Several residents have said they have seen them brought in by cars.

Sarah Troman, council director of communities, said: “The passageway is private land and the occupants of all the properties are jointly responsible for its maintenance.

“The council has no obligation to remove fly-tipping from private land.

“However, on this occasion we removed it.”

A police spokesman said: “We’ve had three reports relating to drug use in the Moor Street area over the past three months.

“We take all reports of seriously and advise anyone with any concerns to call, so, if there is a problem area, it can be identified and targeted.”