NICK FRAME’S LIGHTBITES: Cob Cabin is worth the walk

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A little bit out of the town centre, it’s a strange place to find a sandwich shop.

On a road filled largely with industrial units on Victoria Road, I walked past The Cob Cabin the first time around without realising. Easily done.

With its impressive website enough to get you drooling, I headed out there armed with handwritten directions.

Despite its location, there was a fair few people in there.

The food is pretty good, the sandwich selection is plentiful, but like many reviewed so far, is not out of the ordinary.

The salad selection is not the greatest, but it’s piled high on the large cob I ordered for £2.20.

As a slight gripe, the prices on the board don’t include the salad, so it was a good job I had a few more coins in my back burner, after being told it was £2.50 (the 30p was for the salad, I assume). Otherwise it could have been a bit embarrassing.

That aside it is good stuff, and it was filling. Its location may play against it (although they do have the ‘You Ring, We Bring’ delivery service) but it is recommended you try it. You can build up your appetite just by walking there.