NICK FRAME’S LIGHT BITES: Warsop deli is a delight

A new shop on the Warsop block, Crumbs advertises itself as a delicatessen and bakery.

I have to admit, deli-style grub would not be my first choice. It’s become a fashion, like buying overly-expensive coffees from thriving high-street global chains.

First impressions of the Sherwood Street shop were that although it looks good with its wooden and stone interior, it left me thinking it may be one of those style-over-substance fancy food shops, packed full of wicker baskets and plastic baguettes with very few but over-priced offerings.

Of course there are plenty of hams, chutneys, cheeses, cakes and mountains of cobs and rolls in every style imaginable, but what about a quick lunch?

At this rate, I thought I’d have to buy the ingredients separately and whack it together in the car.

However, the do stock some readily-edible lunch grub. There were some pre-packed (but home-made) sarnies in the fridge and a stock of pies and pasties in the cabinet.

Going for pastry-based, I got a cheese and onion and a chicken and mushroom pie, and I’m so glad I did.

The prices were reasonable, around the £1.20 mark each, which I think is great for a shop clearly wanting to rise above the greasy spoon brigade.

The cheese and onion was great, but the chicken and mushroom pie was an absolute delight. Filled with huge chunks of chicken and also with superbly-cooked pastry. I’d recommend it any day.

Who knows, I may get into this deli-style grub after all. Anyone for a latte?