NICK FRAME’s LIGHT BITES: Spud stand is hot stuff but thin on the skin

WITH the weather cooling slighty, it was a good time to test some hotter food, and no where better to start than Quality Jacket Potato van on Mansfield’s Market Place.

They always taste better than home-cooked ones, they’re always reasonable value for money, are pretty filling and are always regarded as being healthy, which of course, they aren’t really- always soaked to the skin in butter and piled high with cheddar.

Nevertheless, it was still worth a punt. The staff were very friendly and I particualrly like the van’s registration plate, JU55 PUD.

In this case, the price was £2.50 for one filling, £2.80 for two or £3.10 for three. Struggling to find three that go together (tuna, curry and beans anyone?), I went for two.

It is really good value, largely because you’d pay that for a less-filling sarnie, and you need crips on top of that.

I went for the classic beans and cheese combo, complete with that squirty butter that it seems only jacket spud sellers can stock.

It was still piping hot following a ten minute walk back to the office as well. It was tasty and it was pretty filling, but to me the best part of a jacket potato is the skin, and unfortunately it just didn’t have the cruch I was hoping for.

The butter and beans may not have helped, but it was still disappointing in that sense.

However, it is value for cash, and with the colder winter days soon on their way coming, I may return.