NICK FRAME’S LIGHT BITES: Quickfire pub grub fills a gap...and fast

LUCRATIVE lunch time pub options are a big deal these days. Ever increasing alcohol tax has been the death knell for too many watering holes, so many turn to the grill to claw back lost trade.

As a result, pub grub is no longer confined to long evenings spent pondering over endless courses and even more endless drinks, or that manky day-old sandwich under a plastic screen next to the pickled eggs.

Wetherspoon’s have become the Tesco of the pub trade, and the Widow Frost on Mansfield’s Leeming Street was actually a great place to go because you know what you’re going to get- relatively tasty, relatively cheap and most importantly for a working lunch hour, very quick service.

Having sampled a panini only last week, and with the clock ticking, I thought a bbq chicken cheese and bacon option, with chips (and a soft drink thrown in for good measure) would be a ten-minute meal- and it was.

Lengthy waits for meals, coupled with clock ticking down to an afternoon shift, is not the relaxing lunch hour you’d want, but there were no issues here.

At £4.10, it’s probably twice what you’d pay for a pie or pasty, but it makes a nice change, and there are other pub chains who charge up to twice as much by adding a leaf of lettuce to the plate, and make you wait a lot longer.