NICK FRAME’S LIGHT BITES: Paninis...Stickers or sarnies?

Paninis, to me, are football stickers from the 1980s.

Somewhere, somehow along the way, it’s rebranded itself as a sandwich- a bread roll with a chosen filling, hammered flat and grilled for three minutes. News to me.

It’s crept its way into our culinary consciousness sometime in the last decade and thought it might be worth a try, so I headed for Rico’s on Pecks Hill in Mansfield.

Opened just a few months ago, a deli-style shop looks somewhat out of place on a small shopping parade in a residential area.

And looking at the size of the said panini I ordered- my initial thoughts were not looking good.

It was a tuna and cheese (or melt- to keep up with the deli lingo) with a caramelised red onion chutney. It took a few minutes to be prepared and grilled (glad there was no queue) but was tasty despite my initial reaction to its size.

At £3, it seems a little steep for me, especially when a pasty or a pie can be far more filling for a loss less cash.

Like all deli-style continental treats, you’re always expected to pay that little bit more, which I don’t mind every now and then I least it gives me a chance to reminisce about my nearly-full Panini World Cup Mexico ‘86 sticker book.