NICK FRAME’S LIGHT BITES: One-stop meal shop is a real treat

When it comes to lunch options, there’s not much Brimbles doesn’t do.

A sandwich shop, deli, cake shop, hog roast shop, restaurant, takeaway, juice bar and salad stop all under one roof in its town centre Regent Street premises.

It’s a popular place as well with a stream of hungry punters, and with it’s open front and continental-style seating on the pavement outside, it’s inviting.

The smell of the hot roast wafting onto the street is enough to drag people in alone.

Sticking with a cold sarnie to match the hot weather, there are a few to choose from behind the glass counter, but nothing really of the ordinary or to get the mouth watering (although the hog roast takes care of that).

There’s the usual ham salad, chicken and tuna mayo, which is fine- there’s enough other grub to choose from.

The prices for the sandwiches are good as well, most of them around the £2 mark.

It’s not often I’d say it, but the filling doesn’t really matter when a bread roll is as fresh as this.

As a pre packed, it was shame there appeared to be no salad option with the sandwich- made even more frustrating by the self-serving salad box bar just feet from the counter.

If they had a bespoke butty counter, it would be top notch. Nonetheless, there’s plenty to keep you going back. I certainly will be.