NICK FRAME’S LIGHT BITES: Eponymous eaterie is the real (meal) deal

EVER since I was a kid, I’ve always tried avoiding shops named after their owner’s first names- I think it was since my mother bought me a rip-off tracksuit from Alan’s Sportswear stall, and I took hours of endless mickey taking from my mates.

To put your christian name on your company name, to me, showed little imagination. So to try Pete’s Pantry on Clipstone’s Mansfield Road went against my well-adhered-to, if not a little bizarre, rule.

Described as a bakery and deli, it’s actually more of a bakery and sandwich shop...that also sells Pot Noodles. Strange.

Having come accustomed to the supermarket meal deal, Pete is obviously thinking that if you can’t beat them, join them with his own version, albeit a little more expensive.

For £3.40 you get a large cob with filling and salad (with some tasty-sounding options), a drink, a packet of crisps, and the deal-clincher- one of the homemade cakes, so it becomes a better deal than the supermarkets straight away.

The chicken tikka was okay, but nothing out of the ordinary, but it made up for in size.

My only real criticism is that I asked for, and was looking forward to, a slice of millionaire’s cake that I ordered, but was disappointed to find a sponge cake in the bag when I got back to the office.

Still, I’ll probably go back for another meal deal, and the sponge was pretty good.