NICK FRAME’S LIGHT BITES: Cooplands’ pasties are not a flaky option

WHEN it comes to pasties, there are some traditionalists who balk at the idea of deviating away from good old Cornish.

But with high street competition tightening thanks to the economy, and the doomed pasty tax still fresh in the mind, bakeries need to be capitalising.

Take Cooplands in the Four Seasons shopping centre for example. You can have the Cornish, or the corned beef, or you could have your attention grabbed by a Balti or fajita pasty. They may not sound like everyone’s cup of tea, but worth a try I thought.

They have them in a heated cabinet as well, which is always a bonus. No more waiting for a fresh batch from the oven which need to be handled with oven gloves, or settling for one straight from a stone-cold shelf which has sapped all of the flavour.

Choosing the Balti, it’s priced at £1.29- more expensive than your average pasty, but not enough to put me off. With it, I went for a cheese and onion, which was 95p, but a lot smaller.

With a crunchier type of flaky pastry (a new one on me), the cheese and onion pasty was a little too crunchy, although this may be put down to it being the last of the batch in the cabinet. The filling made up for it and was, all in all, pretty good.

The Balti pasty was the real winner though. The pastry was spot on and the filling superb, plenty of quality chicken in a mild curry sauce. I’d recommend it to anyone.

Overall, a worthwhile lunchtime trip out.

My only gripes were the stifling heat in the shop (how do the workers stand it?) and the hard sell when you go to pay. Had I wanted two sausage rolls for a quid, I’m certain to have ordered them before paying. Take the hint please.