NICK FRAME’S LIGHT BITES: Cheeky shop is a sensible option

SET on the edge of the town centre, and with Mansfield’s most cheeky-titled shop, Big Baps is the first stop on my look at the area’s lunchtime eateries.

With an undying love for sarnies, it’s an ideally-located first stop-off for myself to the shop on Rawcliffe Gate, a five minutes walk from the Chad office.

Despite the summer weather refusing to play ball, it’s still not cold enough for hot snacks- for which I could choose breakfast cobs, jacket spuds, burgers or paninis (never could understand the attraction of a toasted roll hammered flat and baked until it’s hotter than the sun, but that’s for another day).

So scanning the boards on entering the shop leaves with me about eight or so cold options. Not bad, but it’s standard stuff really- cheese and tomato, tuna mayo and ham salad etc, nothing really to intrigue or get the mouth watering.

I opt for the tuna mayo, on a white soft cob, with salad. There’s a few basic salad options, but with the likes of Subway leading the sandwich empire these days, little shops need to be upping their game a little. A few gherkins, jalapenos or even pineapple can turn a good sarnie in to a great one.

There’s a decent choice of crisps, which is always a nice addition, and a nice selection of drinks are in the fridge (always an added bonus in my book).

As for the taste test, it passes with ease, the cob is beautifully soft and the filling pretty good. The winning ingredient though is the price, at £2.50 for a large filled cob it’s good value- you’d pay more for a factory sarnie in any of the supermarkets.

From the town centre, the premises are easily walkable, but with a quick lunch break I’m not sure how many town centre workers would make a specific trip. In saying that, there’s always a few people in there, and there is the welcoming element of some really friendly staff and even a table and chairs for those either waiting or eating there and then.

All in all, a solid start I feel.