NICK FRAME’S LIGHT BITES: A taste of the seaside in Mansfield

You’d be forgiven for thinking the shellfish and hot peas stand in Market Place got lost on his way to the coast.

For a non-native, I was surprised that a stall would be set up so far from the sea, or that it could prove popular.

But there we are, without a seagull or sandcastle in sight, choosing from mussels, cockles, welks and lobster tales etc, all plonked on a polystyrene dish full of steaming peas, with a dash of vinegar or mint sauce for added flavour.

Around £2.50 for a medium-sized dish, it seems a little steep, but there are plenty of huge mussels piled on to ease the concern.

It tastes like you’d expect, there’s no particular wow factor or revelation as to how I managed to live without this strange combination of foods in years gone by.

The choice for me was more through intrigue than anything else, and while you could go for the large dish, the medium is ample for what is essentially a snack, rather than a serious lunch-time option.

But if you’re yearning for a ten-minute seaside break in the middle of Mansfield, go for it.