Nichola aiming to wrap up the competition in recycling contest

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When it comes to collecting rubbish, Nichola Tipple has it all wrapped up.

The green-minded Meden Vale woman is calling on a community effort to prevent garbage going to landfill, and with it help win a share of prizes.

She has entered the nationwide Wrappers to Riches Collection Contest, in which she hopes to collect in as many biscuit wrappers as possible.

Nichola said: “We are asking the wider community of Mansfield to support us by saving their biscuit wrappers of any brand for us to help boost our chances of becoming a 2015 Wrappers to Riches Collection Contest winner.

“Simply drop any used biscuit wrappers or the other types of waste we collect back to our collection box which is located in the corner of the garden of 13 Prest Avenue, Meden Vale, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire NG20 9PQ and is available 24-hours-a-day, seven days a week.”

Set up by McVitie’s and recycling experts TerraCycle, the scheme aims to reduce the billions of wrappers being sent to UK landfill as a result of most local councils being unable to recycle the mixed plastic packaging biscuit wrappers are comprised of.

Running until the end of May, Nichola hopes it can also raise much-needed money for Count the Kicks, a charity which aims to empower mums to be with knowledge and confidence throughout their pregnancy.

She will receive £0.04p for charity with every wrapper collected.