NHS chiefs launch investigation over councillor’s controversial survey

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A survey distributed by a political party which uses an NHS logo is being investigated by hospital chiefs amidst claims that it could be misleading.

The survey has been sent out to 46,000 homes by the Liberal Democrats, led by local party leader Jason Zadrozny, and quizzes recipients about their thoughts on the state of local healthcare.

But the questionnaire has raised concerns that it looks like an official NHS document, using a similar logo at the top of the page.

Paul O’Connor, chief executive of Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust , said: “We had been contacted by several local people and our staff about the questionnaire and shared their concerns that the survey implied endorsement of the NHS by using an image which is almost identical to the NHS logo.

“We therefore escalated the matter to NHS England for them to investigate and have contacted Mr Zadrozny’s office to inform them.”

The survey asks people to answer multiple-choice questions about their experiences with the NHS locally.

There is no mention of the Liberal Democrats until the final question, and again in small print at the foot of the page.

In response, a spokesperson for Jason Zadrozny said: “We will not apologise to NHS bosses for discussing issues that affect local people. I think it is an insult to residents to claim that they have been somehow hoodwinked.

“The survey was accompanied by a letter from Councillor Zadrozny with a prominent Lib Dem logo. “It was signed by Jason and other council candidates, the return address was to Jason.

“We have already received hundreds back, addressed to Jason - one of resident’s main concerns is that our local NHS is drowning in debt and having to close wards down.”