NHS Change Day in Derbyshire

Cabinet Members at Derbyshire County Council have all made pledges in support of NHS Change Day.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 3rd March 2014, 10:30 am

The event - which takes place today – is a frontline call to action for NHS staff, patients and the public encouraging as many people as possible to pledge to do one thing to make the NHS better.

Pledges made by cabinet members include:

-Coun Anne Western, Leader

“I will work closely with the NHS across Derbyshire to look at ways we can do things differently so that we provide better services for local people.”

-Coun Kevin Gillott, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Children and Younger Adults

“I will work to make sure we give every child in Derbyshire the best possible start in life so that they can live happy, healthy fulfilled lives.”

Coun Dave Allen, Cabinet Member for Health and Communities

“I will continue to support food banks in Derbyshire so they can help feed those who would otherwise go hungry.”

Coun Joan Dixon, Cabinet Member for Jobs, Economy and Transport

“I will work hard to encourage more people to walk and cycle whether to work or for leisure.”

Coun Clare Neill, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care

“I will work with NHS colleagues to deliver a seamless health and social care service that is more cost effective & provides better care for the people of Derbyshire.”

Coun Brian Ridgway, Cabinet Member for Council Services

“I pledge to look at every penny we spend so that we free as much money as possible to put into front line care services.”

To find out more or make your own pledge for NHS Change Day, go to www.changeday.nhs.uk