Newstead worries over pothole danger

Newstead Parish Council are worried about a danger of accidents from deep potholes on the area’s Station Avenue, it was revealed during a meeting.

Nottingham City Council are responsible for maintaining the avenue and the parish council are asking them to repair the road as an urgent priority.

Station Avenue is known as the ‘back way’ to Lord Byron’s ancestral home, Newstead Abbey, leading from the village, and it is part of the national cycle route.

The complaint was raised at a parish council meeting on the day an inquest was held on a cyclist who was killed through hitting a pothole in Skipton, North Yorkshire.

Members claim that tree roots have broken all the drainage in part of the avenue and water runs ‘like a river’ over the road.

They say the potholes are especially treacherous at night, due to a lack of lighting. “The holes have got worse and worse,” said Coun Pam Young.

It was claimed that the pothole problem had persisted, even though improvements have been carried out on other parts of the road.

No-one has so far been available to comment for the city council.