Newstead Street lights switch off plan

10-2970-3'Salterford road at night
10-2970-3'Salterford road at night

HOUSEHOLDS in Newstead are being urged to have their say on plans to switch off and dim street lights in the village throughout the night to save cash.

Nottinghamshire County Council is behind the controversial proposals.

It is reviewing street-lighting across the county in a bid to save more than £1 a year and cut carbon emissions and light pollution.

But now Newstead is part one of the latest areas to learn details of how its street-lighting will be changed.

And as part of a consultation, the village’s parish council has largely backed the scheme — with the help of a little ‘fine-tuning’.

The proposal is to turn off many street lights in residential areas between midnight and 5.30am.

Some will be dimmed on main roads from 10pm to 7am and others will be switched off entirely in remote areas.

A risk assessment has been carried out in every area and an individually-tailored plan put together.

The county council says it has considered the impact this will have on crime and anti-social behaviour.

A spokesman for Newstead Parish Council said it was not ‘set in stone’ and recommendations had been made.

This included changes to the plan for Webb Street which, under the original scheme, would have been left without any lights on throughout the night.

This is despite it featuring the Turton Court complex for the elderly.

Coun Richard Jackson, the county council’s lead member for transport and highways, said: “Residents in Newstead now have the chance to tell us whether there are reasons why specific lights should not be altered.

“We will continue to light crime and accident blackspots and monitor the project carefully.

“Where similar projects have been carried out in other parts of the country, road collisions and crime have not increased.”

Full details of the plan for Newstead, complete with maps, can be checked by logging on at