Newstead Abbey is a hidden gem

WITH reference to the story about falling visitor numbers at Newstead Abbey, has anybody actually visited this historic site from the (city) council?

I used to go regularly 30 years ago; this summer I went twice and was disappointed by the state of the formal grounds and the smell from the silted up lake and Japanese Gardens which were neglected. The cost of entrance is expensive when compared with Chatsworth House, which has a lot more to offer. The Abbey is very accessible from the M1 and A614, although signage is not there.

This is a gem and needs re-inventing. There is not just the history of the Abbey as a monastery and Lord Byron’s home, but also the surrounding area -The Hutt Hotel, Thieves Wood, Robin Hoods Well and the hidden gold hoard found while Ravenshead was being built, for example.

Anthony Archer,

Field Close, Woodhouse.

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