New vision for Mansfield

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I sometimes wonder if many of my fellow Mansfield district residents have rather limited outlooks on life and are against change?

I ask this after reading two bits of local news in this newspaper. Firstly I cannot understand the outcry against the proposed residential development planned for the Lindhurst area.

Surely the town would benefit from the provision of good quality housing and the resulting increase in population would not only bring in more council tax and but would give Mansfield a fighting chance of becoming a unitary authority rather than relying on the county council for our main public services as at present.

Secondly I cannot see the reason for keeping those shabby pit head winding towers at Clipstone.

Can anyone say they are attractive to the eye? To my mind they are a blot on the landscape and while-ever they remain standing they will stop that neglected piece of land in the centre of the village from being developed.

I wonder how much it’s costing to keep the towers in a safe condition. We need to accept that king coal is now virtually dead and buried and it’s time to move on I think.

I note that our local college is called “Vision West Notts”, perhaps more of us should be looking for a new vision for Mansfield!

David Stafford