New Sutton group to tackle underage drinking

A group to tackle underage drinking and antisocial behaviour is set to launch in Sutton, police have announced.

Sutton Community Alcohol Partnership (SIACAP) brings together alcohol retailers, licensees and local service-providers such as the district council, health bodies and Nottinghamshire Police.

Advice, guidance and materials will be provided and shared to deliver a tailored response to underage alcohol misuse in the area.

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Schools, youth workers and those who provide diversionary activities are also involved.

Initial meetings involving key partners have been held and an action plan has been drawn up. Further details of this will be revealed as the work is progressed.

CAP was piloted by the Retail of Alcohol Standards Group (RASG) in 2007. It has since developed into one of the most significant alcohol industry funded initiatives tackling underage alcohol misuse with good evidence of effectiveness.

Today, more than 82 CAPs have been set up across the UK.

At the launch event on Thursday 16th October speakers will include Derek Lewis, the national Chair of Community Alcohol Partnerships.

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He said: “I am delighted at the launch of a Community Alcohol Partnership (CAP) in Sutton-in-Ashfield.

“Community Alcohol Partnerships are a tried and tested way of driving down underage drinking and creating better, safer and friendlier neighbourhoods.

“Locally tailored partnerships, that recognise that retailers and licensees are an important part of the solution, have been shown to be highly effective in driving down harm.”

The SIACAP is being headed by Police Sergeant Martin Severn.

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He added: “Partnership working in Sutton has been very successful in recent years and we are confident the CAP will be well supported.

“We look forward to making a start on the work involved and to making our community even better as a result.”

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