New State-of-the art plant feeder by Alfreton company

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A DERBYSHIRE company has launched a new product designed to save local authorities time and money on their communal floral displays.

The Quad Planter, developed by horticultural suppliers Amberol, is a self watering container which uses patented technology to release moisture as and when needed.

This reduces the need for maintenance visits from staff whilst conserving water.

The container has been developed and manufactured by Amberol at their Alfreton headquarters.

It comes in the form of a cube with slots for plants on each side to make a 360 degree floral display which completely masks the frame.

The planter can also be stacked to create a tiered effect.

“It’s hard to imagine after the wet winter we have had so far, but water conservation and maintenance are important issues for council departments, which is why we developed our trademarked self watering system,” said John Williamson, Marketing Manager at Amberol.

“Not only do the Quad Planters and other containers in our self watering range reduce maintenance costs, but because the compost retains optimal moisture, plants tend to grow better and stay healthy for longer.”

The Quad Planter is made from durable polyethylene with an impervious water proof lining that retains compost and holds plants in position.

A family run company set up in 1969, Amberol already supply many local authorities across the UK and their self watering containers can be found as far afield as America and India.

The company specialise in sustainable gardening products as well as recycled garden furniture and talking litter bins. The self watering containers come in a range of shapes and sizes including hanging baskets, barrier baskets, tiered planters and half barrels.

For more information about Amberol’s self watering products visit