New skate park in Eastwood thanks to campaign by teenagers

Skate Park generic
Skate Park generic

Work has started on a skate park in Eastwood after two determined teenagers have been campaigning for the development.

Rhianne Lounds and Beth Lee began fundraising five years ago, when they were aged 13, for a new skate park at Coronation Park, Eastwood.

They raised a total of £45,000 within the area and also levered in more than £90,000 of external funding, towards the £245,000 cost of the park.

And they have just been told that they are about to see the results of their hard work - as building work has begun.

Rhianna said: “We began fund-raising while still at school, doing things like bag packing at Asda, having collection tins and so on.

“Now we’re really looking forward to seeing it on the ground.

“It will be a real attraction for people of all ages who like skate boarding and BMX-ing.

“People do use the park and we think it will add to the facilities here.”

Broxtowe borough Council have made a donation to the park and Nottinghamshire County Council has also supported the cause with their ‘Supporting Local Communities’ fund.

County councillor Keith Longdon, who represents Eastwood, said: “I keep being asked when the new skate park is going to happen so I’m delighted that it finally is.

“People want kids to have something to do and a place to go where they can be safe. This will be bigger and better than the existing park and also safer for them to use.

“When it opens I think this will be the best skate park in the county.”

And councillor Jim Creamer, chairman of the county council’s environment and sustainability committee, said: “The new skate park for Eastwood will, I’m sure, be a welcome addition to facilities for young people locally and I’m looking forward to seeing it completed.”